Bank-Vaults blogs

Currently we don’t publish blog posts on this site, just provide links to Bank-Vaults related posts published on other sites. If you’d like to add your blog post to this list, open a PR, or an issue with the link!

Inject secrets into your pods in a continuous way

By Andras Jaky

Vault Secrets Reloader provides an easily configurable Kubernetes Controller that can trigger a new rollout for watched workloads if a secret they use has an updated version in Vault, leaving the rest of the work to the Webhook. Read more

Better secret management with Bank-Vaults Secret Sync

By Ramiz Polic

This post shows you how to use different secret service providers using the new Secret Sync tool while also addressing common pitfalls when dealing with secrets. Read more

Banzai Cloud blog posts

The developers of Banzai Cloud wrote a lot about Bank-Vaults. Their posts are now available on the Outshift by Cisco Blog.