Running the Bank-Vaults secret webhook alongside Istio

Both the vault-operator and the vault-secrets-webhook can work on Istio-enabled clusters.

We support the following three scenarios:


  1. Install the Istio operator.

  2. Make sure you have mTLS enabled in the Istio mesh through the operator with the following command:

    Enable mTLS if it is not set to STRICT:

    kubectl patch istio -n istio-system mesh --type=json -p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/meshPolicy/mtlsMode", "value":STRICT}]'
  3. Check that mesh is configured with mTLS turned on which applies to all applications in the cluster in Istio-enabled namespaces. You can change this if you would like to use another policy.

    kubectl get meshpolicy default -o yaml

    Expected output:

    kind: MeshPolicy
      name: default
        app: security
      - mtls: {}

Now your cluster is properly running on Istio with mTLS enabled globally.

Install the Bank-Vaults components

  1. You are recommended to create a separate namespace for Bank-Vaults called vault-system. You can enable Istio sidecar injection here as well, but Kubernetes won’t be able to call back the webhook properly since mTLS is enabled (and Kubernetes is outside of the Istio mesh). To overcome this, apply a PERMISSIVE Istio authentication policy to the vault-secrets-webhook Service itself, so Kubernetes can call it back without Istio mutual TLS authentication.

    kubectl create namespace vault-system
    kubectl label namespace vault-system name=vault-system istio-injection=enabled
    kubectl apply -f - <<EOF
    kind: Policy
      name: vault-secrets-webhook
      namespace: vault-system
        app: security
      - name: vault-secrets-webhook
      - mtls:
          mode: PERMISSIVE
  2. Now you can install the operator and the webhook to the prepared namespace:

    helm upgrade --install --wait vault-secrets-webhook oci:// --namespace vault-system --create-namespace
    helm upgrade --install --wait vault-operator oci:// --namespace vault-system

Soon the webhook and the operator become up and running. Check that the istio-proxy got injected into all Pods in vault-system.

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